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DADO SENS: Natural-based derma cosmetics

DADO SENS DERMACOSMETICS specialises in the gentle care of the most sensitive skin conditions. The dermatologically tested natural-based care series, developed over many years of research, support particularly sensitive skin on its way back to its natural balance.
Sensitive means: the skin is easily irritated and reacts with redness, dryness, itching, flaking or impurities. With carefully selected active ingredients, compatible care formulas and pampering textures, DADO SENS strengthens and protects the skin from head to toe, at any age. So that it can rest and be beautiful again - gently cared for.

Why derma cosmetics?

In addition to the increasing preoccupation with ecological issues, in the 1980s more and more people began to feel the consequences of harmful environmental influences or additives in food on their own bodies: allergies, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases were not only on the rise in general, they were also appearing more and more often even in children and young people.

Sensitised to the issue through his work in the pharmaceutical industry, Michael Lindner recognised the need for novel, natural-based dermatological care products and founded DADO-cosmed GmbH on 1 January 1987. According to the principle "medical care, natural effect", DADO-cosmed GmbH developed care series in intensive cooperation with dermatologists, which help the skin to regain its natural balance.

Whether for basic care or to accompany therapy - based on nature, DADO SENS DERMACOSMETICS has created dermocosmetic solutions for all sensitive skin conditions over the last three decades. In the meantime, the range includes a wide variety of products for people of all ages with very dry, irritation-sensitive skin as well as for allergy sufferers and people with acne, diabetes, neurodermatitis, psoriasis or rosacea.

DADO SENS cares medicinally, acts naturally

DADO SENS takes into account the needs of skin that is not well. Five comprehensive care lines are finely tuned to five sensitive skin conditions:

  • EXTRODERM: surrounds dry, sensitive skin with soothing moisturising care.
  • PURDERM: supports blemished skin with clarifying care
  • PROBALANCE: soothes sensitive, allergy-prone skin with protective care
  • SENSACEA: cares for hypersensitive skin with compatible care
  • REGENERATION: regenerates sensitive skin with intensive anti-aging care

With special products for selective care, basic products for decorative cosmetics and a line of sun protection products, DADO SENS supports sensitive skin beyond the daily care ritual.

Discover the extensive care range by DADO SENS at StarAroma - your specialist for genuine organic and natural cosmetics.