Klar Eco Sensitive: fragrance-free detergents and cleaning agents

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Klar Eco Sensitive -Natural Detergents and Cleansers

The main goal of Klar Eco Sensitive is gentle cleaning, without burdening you or your environment. The Klar Eco Sensitive brand by AlmaWin does not contain any fragrances, optical brighteners, phosphates or synthetic substances. This means that no matter whether your skin is extremely sensitive or normal, the detergents and cleaners do not attack your skin.

ECO Logical! SENSITIVE Clear! Our protection for your health and our environment

Thanks to the mild formulas and natural ingredients, Klar Eco Sensitive detergents and cleansers are particularly suitable for skin-sensitive people, babies and children, as well as for anyone who wants to do something good for their skin - especially for those with allergies, asthma and neurodermatitis. By avoiding unnecessary fragrances and additives, the risk of allergies is reduced to a minimum. All products have been successfully dermatologically tested and the most important washing products have also been awarded their seal of approval by the DAAB, the German Allergy and Asthma Association, 

In addition, the environment is protected as the purely natural and mineral ingredients are biodegradable. The Klar Eco Sensitive products are certified by ECO Garantie, the quality label for ecological top quality.

Klar Eco Sensitive smells simply fresh of nothing

The sensitive brand Klar offers you everything from detergents, liquid or powder, dishwashing detergents, household cleaners, dishwasher tabs to bathroom cleaners - a complete product range without fragrances. Discover the fragrance-free product range of Klar Eco Sensitive at StarAroma.

Detergents for allergy sufferers - For a pleasant skin feeling

More and more people suffer from allergic reactions to chemical substances. In conventional detergents, detergent components remain in the textile fibres after washing, which can trigger allergies. When wearing clothes, the harmful substances come into contact with the skin and body sweat, often leading to skin itching and redness. Therefore, opt for ecological and fragrance-free detergents and cleaning products such as those from Klar Eco Sensitive, which are specially designed for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, and enjoy a better quality of life.