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chic mic – Ecofriendly lifestyle

The family business chic mic develops and produces exclusive and high-quality designer products with a good environmental balance. Whether tea towels, coffee mugs, luch pots, storage containers or breakfast boards - the young designer manufactory combines sustainable materials, refreshing and exclusive design with good quality in all its products.

On a journey to more sustainability

The future must become climate neutral! Since 2019, chic mic is a certified climate neutral company. Climate neutrality means striking a balance between carbon emissions and the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere. chic mic is aware of its responsibility and wants to contribute to Europe becoming the first climate neutral continent.

chic mic Bioloco Plant - plastic-free alternatives

Plants are the basis of the PLA material, which has a very low carbon footprint and contributes to CO2 savings even before production. Plant sugar is separated - only 1.6 kg of sugar is needed for 1 kg of PLA. PLA resin is produced through fermentation and synthesis. Chic mic contributes with its climate-certified products to the fact that the Co2 emissions are doubled again with the help of climate protection projects.

Climate positive climate protection projects

Climate change is the greatest challenge since the end of the ice age. By supporting climate protection projects, the company wants to offset the sum of our CO2 emissions in developing and emerging countries and thus actively contribute to climate protection and support the UN sustainability goals.

The support provided by chic mic reaches precisely those countries that are already most affected by climate change. They improve the local economic, social and ecological situation. The family-owned company chooses high-quality climate protection projects, all of which are internationally recognised and certified according to UN CER, VCS +CCB or Gold Standard.

Discover sustainable and plastic-free product alternatives for your household and on the go in the StarAroma Natur Shop. In the category household you will find ecological drinking bottles for young and old, plastic-free storage containers and lunch pots, pretty tea towels made of organic cotton and many more items.