ökoNORM: Ecological, non toxic children's modelling clay & wax crayons

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  1. ökoNORM Drawing Chalk - 7 colors
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  2. ökoNORM Wax Crayons nawaro 6 colours
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ökoNORM: non-toxic natural products for your children

The ökoNORM manufactory has been producing natural, educationally valuable children's toys since 1989. The company has the highest ecological and qualitative standards and produces its natural products mainly painting and craft accessories from renewable, non-toxic raw materials - in harmony with people and nature.

Modeling clay, paints, chalk: pollutant-free & ecological

The components of ökoNORM nawaro products are compostable or recyclable, economical in consumption and simple in packaging. A careful selection of raw materials and the company's voluntary self-monitoring guarantee healthy and ecologically sensible products that also fully meet modern, contemporary demands.

Non toxic plasticine, colours, chalk: Everything a child's heart desires

In the small, innovative manufactory in Dedeleben, nawaro finger paints, wax crayons, soft modelling clay, watercolours, egg dyes and much more are being produced. Whether you are looking for colourful modelling clay, dust-free street crayons or child-friendly, ergonomically shaped painting drops, you will find all Ökonorm painting and crafting utensils for your children in our Nature Shop. Thanks to the natural and pollutant-free consistencies, even the smallest ones can effortlessly put their imagination into shape and onto paper.

Some ökoNORm products were rated "very good" by the magazine Öko-Test. In addition, 21 products bear the "Spiel gut" seal. This is emblazoned in the signal colour orange on each of these products and helps parents, grandparents or gift-givers to find the right toy for the little ones.

ökoNORM - "Spiel gut" award

In 1954, the working committee was founded by practitioners and scientists from the fields of medicine, natural science, psychology, education, art and architecture.

Their idea was to show toy manufacturers from a scientific and artistic point of view what is meant by good toys.

Today, the "Spiel gut" seal is one of the most important and renowned awards for good and educationally valuable toys in Germany.