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NAIKED: Sustainability in the household can be so simple

NAIKED has set itself the goal of offering a real alternative in the area of washing, care and cleaning products. While conventional cleaning products are usually aggressive to the skin and pollute the environment with harmful ingredients, NAIKED does without superfluous ingredients, fillers such as microplastics or other harmful and environmentally damaging raw materials. NAIKED is firmly convinced that sustainability should not be a question of price. The young start-up company from Hamburg wants to create awareness that it is neither an extra expense to pay attention to our environment nor to do without cleaning staff.

Plastic-free household & noticeable cleanliness

The ecological dishwashing detergent from NAIKED saves a lot of plastic bottles because it has the shape of a solid bar of soap. While conventional dishwashing detergents contain environmentally harmful mineral oil-based surfactants, the eco dishwashing detergent from NAIKED relies on plant-based surfactants. This also helps you avoid allergies when the washing-up liquid comes into direct contact with your skin.

The solid hand dishwashing bar can also be easily lathered up with the loofah rinsing sponge.  The sponge can be washed at up to 120°C, is reusable and particularly durable. Together, this cleaning duo ensures sustainably clean dishes.