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stuwa candle manufactory: tradition meets innovation - organic, vegan & sustainable

The candle manufactory can look back on 100 years of company tradition. Founded in 1920 in Gelsenkirche, it is now successfully managed by the fourth generation of the Stukenbrock family. Innovation from tradition, stuwa has been reviving the market with its innovations for decades. Time and again, the company has succeeded in creating attractive and successful product worlds. Commitment to quality and sensitive handling of the material wax are the basis for numerous market-shaping product ideas.

Sustainable organic candles

stuwa is also committed to sustainability and for this reason pushes the use of renewable raw materials. The Naturlicht and Pure Nature series prove this claim and are also VEGAN certified. The BIO massage candle series are BDIH Cosmos Organic certified.

High quality organic candles

All stuwa products are traditionally made almost exclusively by hand from high-quality and mostly natural raw materials. The care taken in the selection of materials and in the production process is decisive for the characteristics that distinguish all stuwa candles: noble appearance, quiet and clean burning and a long burning time: quality you can trust.

Rapeseed wax candle sand: ecological & sustainable candles

Who hasn't experienced this? The favourite organic candle in the great jar has burnt out at some point and unfortunately you can't buy it again... The souvenir jar from the favourite bar of the last dream holiday is gathering dust in the display case. The jar with the beautiful logo is very practical but you don't really use it! There are so many examples... many thousands of candle jars are imported by container ships every year, only to end up in the rubbish again after a short life span. A gigantic waste of energy and resources. This is exactly where stuwa's sustainable rapeseed wax sand idea comes in - to breathe new life into unused containers.

Organic candles and natural candles made from rapeseed: BEE FRIENDLY FACTS

Rape flowers in spring and is therefore a crop that comes at the right time, as the honey bees now raise the brood that is crucial for colony development, i.e. in the ascending colony development the number of individuals is multiplied in order to achieve the necessary colony strength. Rape is also very attractive for almost all other wild bee and bumblebee species. But rape and bees also complement each other. If bees are specifically placed in an oilseed rape field, this results in a yield increase of up to more than 25% in higher quality than through wind pollination. In 75% of the flower visits, the bees not only take up nectar, but also pollinate the pistils.