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Natural cosmetics for curly & afro hair! Afrolocke loves your hair and nature!

Afrolocke was founded by Anna Baltruschat from Stuttgart in 2017. Anna was fed up with the hassle of searching in retail stores for the right product for curly and afro hair. Her preference for natural care products is reflected in Afrolocke's hair care - namely, it is free of harmful ingredients and, of course, animal-free. The products provide the hair with rich oils, plenty of moisture and protect against hair breakage. Hair is beautiful inside and out - without compromise. Better care and combability for all curly heads and care-hungry hair, without having to reach for the chemical club.

Afrolocke: tips for beautiful curls

Those with natural curls can usually enjoy volume and bounce. But curly hair also needs a lot of attention so that it shines silky and falls defined.

That's why we recommend you give your curls care, attention and above all moisture and you will be rewarded with shine, volume and bounce. But why are curls often dry, frizzy or so unruly? Basically, curly hair is naturally drier than other hair types. This is because the sebum produced by the scalp, which coats the hair and gives it shine and smoothness and keeps it from drying out, has a harder time getting from the roots to the ends. The result? The hair becomes dry because the body's own moisturiser in the form of sebum attaches itself to the scalp and does not reach the tips at all.

We have compiled the following care tips for curly hair for you:

  • Care shampoo for curls: Use special shampoos for curly hair, such as the shampoo by Afrolocke. This provides your waves with rich care and a lot of moisture.

  • Extra care: Pamper your hair with a conditioner after every wash. Work it into the lengths and ends. You can also use Afrolocke's leave-in conditioner. This is particularly practical because it can be massaged into both damp and wet hair. No rinsing is necessary.

  • Skilful detangling: We recommend using a coarse-toothed comb so that your curls fall beautifully loose. This way you separate the curls into large strands and the natural curl is preserved.

  • Hair oil for beautiful natural curls: Give your hair shine and suppleness until the next wash. Apply a small amount of hair oil to the ends. If you do not have any hair oil at hand, you can also use jojoba or almond oil.