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BAKANASAN – So valuable is nature

The health food brand for high-quality and valuable health products. Gently produced in Germany and carefully tested. Since 1954.

For over 60 years, all BAKANASAN products for the health food and specialist trade have been produced with the quality standard of "high-quality and valuable health products".  By combining nature and technology, strengthening the location and certified production, the Hanseatic family business guarantees the provision of natural health products at the highest level.

BAKANASAN - naturally healthy

"As much nature as possible, as few additional substances as necessary", true to this motto, BAKANASAN deliberately does without anything in its products that is not necessary for a healthy life. This outstanding quality is regularly confirmed by the award of the neuform® quality institute. Before being launched on the market, all BAKANASAN products are put through their paces there, in an independent laboratory, and undergo an extensive quality check. Only if all criteria are met do they receive the neuform® seal and thus contribute to making the world a little bit better.

BAKANASAN stands for natural products with bioactive substances that are produced in harmony with humans, animals and nature.

Without animal testing: No animal testing is commissioned for product development.

Without irradiation: No ionising rays are used to preserve the products.

Harmful substance testing: BAKANASAN products are tested for heavy metals and other contaminants by independent laboratories.

Vegetarian/vegan: With a few exceptions, the products are as vegetarian or vegan as possible.

Free from... : All BAKANASAN cosmetics is free from mineral oil derivatives, parabens, PEG, microplastics and other undesirable substances.

BAKANASAN –Where there are bees, there is health

Propolis is also called the protective resin of honey bees. It has been protecting the hive from external influences for thousands of years and is one of the oldest natural substances in the world. Particularly experienced propolis bees use a wide range of different plant parts, mostly the outer protective shells of buds, leaves and fruits, as well as resins from various plants for collection.  

Propolis - the external immune system of the bees

In the beehive, the raw propolis is enzymatically processed by worker bees and transformed into "real" propolis. The unique effect of propolis is due to the interaction of more than 300 different substances that only work in their entirety. Propolis has been protecting the beehive for over 50 million years. Impressive: even in this long time, invaders have not managed to become resistant to propolis.

Naturally with bee power

The bees use propolis primarily to protect the hive from germs. Every crack is stuffed with propolis so that moisture, draughts and foreign bodies cannot penetrate. The entire hive is covered with a thin layer of propolis and is therefore almost germ-free, thanks to the broad spectrum of action of propolis. Especially at the entrance hole, the bees take advantage of the special properties of propolis. Every incoming bee has to crawl across a "propolis carpet" before it can enter the inside of the hive. This system ensures that no unwanted intruders or disease germs are brought in from outside.

The diverse properties of propolis thus ensure the survival of the entire bee colony. The meaning of the term propolis is therefore very appropriate. Propolis is derived from the Greek words pro (for) and polis (city) and means something like "the defence system of the city".

Valued for thousands of years

Propolis has been used by people since ancient times. In Egypt, the dead were embalmed with propolis to protect them from decay. The Greeks developed beekeeping by humans, Aristotle and Hippocrates prescribed propolis to heal ulcers and relieve various internal and external ailments. Today, propolis is used in traditional and alternative medicine and is available in a variety of preparations. The effect of propolis has been proven in numerous studies.

An exceptional active ingredient in research

Pharmacological effects based on antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal properties have been described for propolis. In addition to defence-strengthening properties such as the support of the body's own immune system, the antioxidant and cell-protecting abilities are focal points of pharmacological research.

Propolis: the multi-talent from the beehive

Propolis is mainly used to strengthen and invigorate the general condition, especially the body's own defences. As a medicine, propolis is well tolerated and suitable for long-term preventive use. The anti-inflammatory properties of propolis are particularly valued for the treatment of sore throats. Due to its anti-germ and anti-inflammatory properties, propolis also proves to be an ideal active ingredient for oral and dental care.

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