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Tautropfen natural cosmetics 

The pioneering spirit of the 1970s gave rise to a fascinating idea: create natural, pure skincare products that are manufactured without adulteration and give people access to the best nature has to offer for their beauty. This marked the start of a successful story in natural cosmetics: Tautropfen.

Welcome to a whole new dimension in natural cosmetics

Tautropfen specialises in using natural resources, mostly from controlled organic cultivation or wild gathering. Innovative, biotechnological formulations ensure solutions that are perfectly tailored to individual skin requirements.

Tautropfen is the premium natural cosmetics range supporting you in your energetic, modern and healthy lifestyle. Production within Germany is extremely important to Tautropfen. Discover new, highly-effective skincare ranges for your natural beauty today.

We have summarised the most important facts about the Tautropfen brand for you.

What certification do the products carry and are they vegan? All products are ICADA certified. ICADA is the international association for preparative and apparative cosmetics as well as food supplements. The founder of the world's first standard for organic and natural cosmetics heads the ICADA team.

The Tautropfen products are predominantly vegan, which are also marked accordingly with the Vegan symbol. The products that are not vegan contain beeswax or honey as ingredients.

Certified natural cosmetics

Where do the raw materials for the products come from? Where do the raw materials for the products come from? Only the best raw materials from the plant world with high-quality, natural ingredients, preferably from wild collections and controlled organic or Demeter cultivation, are used for the 100% natural face and body care products from Tautropfen. The purity and effectiveness of the care products based on nature and without parabens, PEG, silicones, microplastics, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances are the top priority. The company also supports various international sustainability projects.

Does Tautropfen carry out animal testing? NO! Tautropfen natural cosmetics are produced exclusively in Germany. Since 2004, it has been generally prohibited in the EU to test cosmetics on animals. Since its foundation in 1980, the company has decided to produce without animal testing, even before the German cosmetics industry's voluntary waiver and the subsequent EU ban on animal testing. This will not change in the future.

What is the shelf life of the products after opening and what do I have to bear in mind when storing them? On each product there is a clearly visible symbol, a small jar with a number inside that indicates how many months a product can be safely used after opening. Tautropfen natural cosmetics are formulated so that they can be stored at room temperature. For care products, it is generally recommended to store them in a cool and dry place and away from the sun.

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