Vegan hair soap without palm oil from Golconda

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Golconda Hair soaps: vegan & palm oil free

The natural hair soaps from Golconda are completely vegan and palm oil-free. In the manufacturing process, Golconda does not use any environmentally harmful substances or processes that directly harm the animal world.

In particular, the cultivation of palm trees for the pure extraction of palm oil has a highly destructive effect on numerous ecosystems. The mostly irreparable consequences have already been sufficiently documented. For this reason, the young start-up consistently uses no palm oil for its products.

Detox for hair & scalp

Are you looking for an uncomplicated hair care without extra time? Golconda hair soaps could become your solution because they replace artificial shampoos in your daily routine without much effort.

But beware: the repeated use of artificial hair care products can affect the effectiveness of the hair soaps. As a result, the first applications may give unsatisfactory results.

This effect is explained as follows: After shampooing with conventional shampoos, residues of various substances remain in the hair. These form a permanent layer and block access to the natural nutrients (e.g. human sebum from the skin sebaceous glands). Complete removal can take several weeks.

Golconda: Switching to hair soap

Washing hair with natural soap - this is how it works:

  1. Rub the soap directly onto wet hair. A small amount is enough to wash the hair properly.
  2. Massage the applied soap into the hair and scalp. A creamy lather is produced, which can be easily distributed over the entire length of the hair.
  3. Rinse hair thoroughly with clean water.
  4. Avoid leaving the hair soap in contact with water for too long. Use a soap dish with grooves or holes to allow the residual water to drain out of the soap.

Switching to hair soap will open up a new world for you, where herbs and pure plant oils care for your hair instead of silicones and artificial substances.

If you comb and blow-dry your hair every day, you stress the hair structure. The same happens with hot water. The cuticle can open up at high temperatures, making the hair look straw-like and brittle. A rinse with cold water after washing causes the cuticle to close again. For a pleasant hair wash, a short cold rinse at the end is enough.

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