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High-quality mineral sun protection from Ey! Organic Cosmetics

Ey! Organic Cosmetics (eco young by Eco Cosmetics) makes sun protection products from purely natural ingredients that protect and care for the skin at the same time. The mineral light protection lays a reflective, skin-fine shell on your skin and blocks harmful UVA and UVB radiation before it penetrates your skin. Conventional sunscreens, on the other hand, are suspected of affecting hormone balance. Synthetic UV filters need to be applied 20-30 minutes before sun exposure to be absorbed into the skin. They convert UV radiation into infrared energy. In the process, the synthetic UV filter is consumed and leaves behind, among other things, hormonally active substances. These can trigger allergies and intolerance.

Reliable mineral sun protection without whitening

Ey! Organic Cosmetics therefore relies on natural, high-quality and vegan active ingredient formulas free of nanoparticles, synthetic emulsifiers and colourants, fragrances and preservatives. In addition, the sun sprays do not whiten, but are absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving any visible residue. Thanks to the high-quality oils, your skin is cared for even during sunbathing.

However, not using chemical filters is not only good for your skin. Oceans, waters and their flora and fauna are massively polluted by synthetic UV filters. The mineral sun sprays from Ey! Organic Cosmetics are non-toxic to marine life, do not involve animal testing and are largely made from organically grown ingredients. Care for and protect your skin with the new sun protection products from Ey! Organic Cosmetics.

Mineral sun protection from Ey!: good for you & good for nature!

Mineral sunscreen: Mineral sunscreen is a reflective, gossamer coating that covers your skin without penetrating it.

Synthetic sunscreen, on the other hand, is suspected of influencing your hormone balance.

Without nano: Smallest, mineral pigments, reduced to less than 100 nanometres are known as nanoparticles. They can also penetrate the skin. The damage they can cause has not yet been conclusively clarified scientifically. That is why Ey! Organic Cosmetics does not use nanoparticles!

Vegan & without animal testing: Ey! rejects animal testing as a matter of principle and out of conviction. Furthermore, no ingredients of animal origin are used. all Ey! products are vegan.

In the StarAroma Online Shop, we offer high-quality, natural and, above all, effective care products. Choose certified natural cosmetics now! Good for you, good for nature!