Dudu-Osun black soap

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Dudu-Osun Black soap from Africa is an all-rounder, the MULTITASKING PRODUCT!

The high-quality natural black soap is still produced in the traditional way. The composition contains various naturally occurring skin care components that have been used for beauty care in Africa for thousands of years.

Traditionally - from regional smallholders in Nigeria - extracted palm oil is boiled up with ash (from burnt palm leaves and cocoa pods) - using modern technology according to a traditional recipe. The other ingredients are only added after the saponification process and thus retain their quality. The pressed natural black soap gets its characteristic colour from its ash content. The high-quality, cold-pressed shea butter, which is traditionally extracted from the fruit kernels of the shea tree (shea tree), which is considered sacred, gives the Dudu-Osun its nourishing and refatting properties.