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DENTTABS – for a plastic-free bathroom

The toothbrush tablets from DENTTABS revolutionise the dental care known until now. They offer THE sustainable alternative to toothpaste. They are 100% plastic-free, ecological and free of preservatives, consistency enhancers and other unnecessary ingredients!

Strictly speaking, with DENTTABS the teeth are not brushed, but polished smooth in a natural way by the finest microcellulose. This not only makes the teeth shine - no plaque can adhere to the smoothly polished surfaces. And without plaque, no tartar or caries can form.

Thanks to the special fluoride effect, DENTTABS can help regenerate aching tooth necks and even stop incipient tartar and caries!

Environmentally friendly and healthy dental care

Since 2019, DENTTABS are packaged in fully compostable bags that belong in organic waste. The bags are made from corn starch and carry the official compost certificate.