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AlmaWin detergents and cleaning agents: in harmony with humankind and nature

Combining skin compatibility, ecology and performance is and remains the goal of AlmaWin. AlmaWin products are eco-certified, highly biodegradable concentrates. The carefully selected natural raw materials are of plant and mineral origin. And where possible, the raw materials come from controlled organic cultivation.

All products have been successfully dermatologically tested and guarantee good skin compatibility. Recyclable packaging and the use of FSC-certified cardboard and paper made from waste paper are standard. Since 2018, bottles made from 95% (PE) or 100% (PET) recycled plastic waste have also been used: THE ENVIRONMENTAL HEROES! Recognisable by the small green leaf. In 2017, AlmaWin was again awarded the GREEN BRAND seal for sustainability.

Best skin compatibility for you and your family: gentle on baby's delicate skin. For a harmless everyday life with children

AlmaWin exclusively manufactures products that are also ideally suited for delicate baby and children's skin. This is confirmed by the successful dermatological tests. All ingredients are listed on the packaging so that all AlmaWin products are as transparent as possible for you.  You can trust that every ingredient is listed as a full declaration on the AlmaWin products.

Feel comfortable in your skin

No other product is in such close contact with our skin as our clothes. Mostly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our skin comes into contact with washed textiles. Often detergents leave residues on the clothes, which then come into contact with our skin and possibly lead to skin irritations.

Our tip: A second rinse cycle helps to rinse out the detergent residues better and reduces the risk of an allergic skin reaction.

For your sensitive nose

With the KLAR brand, AlmaWin has specially developed products for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people with sensitive skin and noses. For selected products, the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) confirms this particularly good compatibility. Without any fragrance but still really clean, you can complete all cleaning tasks with the products of the KLAR brand. Of course, you can also find KLAR products at StarAroma natural and organic store.