Martina Gebhardt natural cosmetics: 100% natural & demeter certified

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Martina Gebhardt Organic cosmetics pioneer: In balance with nature

As a pioneer in the organic sector, Martina Gebhardt has been producing high-quality natural cosmetics for almost 35 years. She has always lived by the principle "It's better to be beautiful than to appear beautiful".

Martina Gebhardt natural cosmetics are consistently natural: 100% natural, pure raw materials such as precious plant oils and butters, gentle aromas with genuine essential oils and spagyric essences from medicinal plants, which are obtained using an ancient manufacturing process and have a balancing effect on the skin. The creams contain lanolin as a key ingredient, a fat naturally recovered from the wash waters of shorn sheep's wool. It is an extremely valuable raw material as it is very similar to our natural protective skin mantle and helps to bind and retain the skin's moisture.

Demeter cosmetics from Martina Gebhardt: More than "just" organic

The wide range of products for face and body is completely Demeter and IHTN (animal-free) certified. The natural cosmetics contain no drying glycerine and no alcohol (except in the tonics). Common preservatives can be dispensed with thanks to a sophisticated system whose interlocking components - stable formulas, hygienic packaging in fine opal glass containers and gentle preservation using essential oils - ensure natural shelf life.

Martina Gebhardt: The "most natural natural cosmetics in the world".

One of Martina Gebhardt's guiding principles is to leave out the unessential. Therefore, every ingredient in natural cosmetics is also an active ingredient. The minimalist formulas contain few ingredients of the highest quality, tailored to the individual skin needs. Thanks to the manageable ingredients and the ingredients of the highest quality, the natural cosmetics are particularly pure and skin-friendly. Therefore, it is especially suitable for allergy sufferers.

We have summarised the Martina Gebhardt facial care product lines for you:

ROSE LINE for dry and sensitive skin. The rose has been a symbol of inner and outer beauty since ancient times. It has a harmonising and balancing effect on the skin.  Demeter-certified.

GINSENG LINE for demanding skin in need of regeneration. Ginseng System Care contains a high proportion of vitamins and restorative substances. These help the skin to regenerate, especially during special stress situations, and promote the skin's vitality. Demeter-certified

YOUNG & ACTIVE LINE for young skin and active people. The cowslip - synonymous with young combination skin. The cowslip symbolises the dawn of life: Youth blossoms in its creative power and yet needs a secure hold in its striving.  Demeter-certified.

SHEABUTTER LINE for very sensitive and irritation-prone skin. This series contains no essential oils, no alcohol, no herbal extracts and no products from bees. In other words, it is completely free of those substances that can cause irritation in allergy-prone people. We deliberately use only a few, absolutely non-irritant raw materials in our recipes. Demeter-certified.

SALVIA LINE for oily and impure skin. Salvia System Care has a clarifying, astringent effect, regulates oil and sebum production and improves the skin's natural protective acid mantle. Demeter-certified.

HAPPY AGING LINE for mature skin - Unleash the beauty of maturity. Anti Aging? Happy Aging! The power to regenerate lies within ourselves. Anti makes old! Acceptance for what is, makes "happy" and thus "forever young" - visible for everyone. Demeter-certified.

UMMER TIME LINE for (sun) stressed and irritated skin. For the prevention and relief of sun-stressed skin. The special active ingredient here is Jerusalem artichoke, which has a regenerating, soothing and moisturising effect - with sun protection factor 6 (SPF 6). Demeter-certified.

WILD UTAH LINE for men's skin. This men's range is designed to be suitable for particularly sensitive and allergy-prone skin on the one hand, and to support the natural functions of the skin on the other, thanks to the high proportion of indigenous medicinal herbs from North America. Demeter-certified.